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Dushhara in Bastar

SiyanShouts, October 5, 2020.

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Bastar Dushhara


Dashhara began with the official permission of deity Kachchan. This year a girl called Anuradha in the guise of deity gave permission to the descendent of the royal family e.i. Kamal chand Bhanj Dev. This ritual is performed with a view to run the festival Dashahara unabated. For that, members of the royal family seek a formal permission from the deity Kachhan. 600 hundred years old this festival and the rituals that follow it has many unique features.

Kachchan Gadi

Let’s talk a little about it. Here I would talk only about Kachchan Gadi. Uniqueness: This is the third ritual of the festival Dashara being celebrated here in Bastar in Chhattisgarh. Every year a girl belonging to the Mirgan tribes is given customarily charge to become the deity Kachchan and was made to sit on the throne made of thorn. This is one of the striking features of the festival which starts with a permission of Kachchan Devi who does so sitting on spiked-throne. This is, I believe, a massage from the deity that life is full of sorrow and achievements don’t come easily to one’s lap. One must work hard to make decision or get something. The girl sits officially in a place called Kachhan Gudi (abode of deity Kachchan) located outskirt of the city of Jagdalpur then, a member of royal family visits her to seek formal permission to start the festival.

Kalash Sthapana (Urn establishement)

Kalash Sthapana or establishment of urn is the fourth ritual being performed soon after the ritual called Kachhan Gadi (formal permission by deity Kachchan to start the festival) Navratra and Dashhara begin with the establishment of urn at all the sacred places like temples &shrines. Urn-establishment is done on every auspicious occasion in Indian society so is on Dashharha too. Urn is presented at the every holy place at the onset of Dashhara which include Danteshwari temple, Maavali Temple, Shitala Temple, Kankali Temple, Karnakotin Temple and Hanuman Temple located at the southern gate of the area. Lord Vishnu and Hanuman Chandi Baglamukh are also worshipped during rituals. 350 deitiesare worshipped and said to have visited Bastar from all over the region during the festival of Dashhara. Looking at the mass visit of deities across the region, Dashhara is the biggest religious event of the tribal in Bastar.

Jogi Bithai

A man from Halba community sits in penance at the Sirahasaar Bhawan with a view to unabated celebration of Dushhara. He sits there for nine days together without food or water. This ritual is called Jogi Bithati (Yogi’s sitting in penance) For that a special pit is made at the building called Sirhasar where the man from Halba community sits every year in prayers to goddess to run the festival smoothly.
The circumambulation of the chariot begins from the day. People from all over the world come to witness the chariot-circumambulation and the rest of rituals being performed during these days. District administration also set up an exhibition to show its development and schemes launched for the welfare of the tribal. Thus Lokotsav (folk- festival) also begins simultaneously. In this way, people are bustling here in Bastar for almost 30 days together

Maavali Parghav:

I am talking about another rites of Bastar-Dashhara this is called Maavali Parghav( Ceremonial welcome of deity Maavali )

Introduction of Deity Maavali

Deity Maavali is a presiding deity of Malvalya Village in Karnataka that was first brought to Bastar during the reign of Chhindak Naga Dynasty. This dynasty ruled over Bastar in 9 to 10 century AD. Ceremony of welcoming Deity Maavali was introduced by Maharaja Aananam Dev then. Even today, this ceremonial welcome of Deity Maavali is done under great concern.
Government provides guards containing armed police personals.

How is the deity welcomed?

All the members of royal family including king, royal guru, priest of the temple and political leaders walk bare-footed to a place called Kuturu Bada to give a warm-welcome to the deity’s palanquin and the same is placed at the Danteshwari temple,the presiding deity of Bastar. When the ninth day of the Navratra approaches, the palanquin received huge reception by all the people assembled here with fireworks and crackers to a place called Singh Dodi (Rampart of the lion).

What’s strange in the temple?

Man’s entry to the Maavali temple is not allowed for nine days as per the customs here during Dashhara.The 12 married women for two societies get together to offer special Pooja (worship) with doors of the temple shut. After that, they urn established during the Pooja set to present to the river. Lord Shiv and Parvati is worshiped in the form of Gauri –Gaura. The images of Gauri-Gaura were made on a plank on the first day of the Navaratra and were adorned with banana and mango leaves. Tourists from all over the world visit during this period to witness all the rites and rituals of the festivals. This sounds quite amazing to them.

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Bastar Dashhara